BOOST your Evolution

watch the mini-MASTERCLASS (9 MIN) and discover:

  • How our evolution process works and what your place in it is
  • What your calling is and how to follow up, so you will do what you are born to do;
  • The higher the frequency, the more fulfillment you will experience, and you will drastically shorten your re-Incarnation cycle 
Scheiden is leiden ouderverstoting

What you get...

You will get the information given to William Gijsen en Joke Dewael (Center for Spiritual Insight Belgium) on the development of the soul.
This information is known to still a really small circle of people, and we are delighted to help spread it over the world.


- the different frequencies

- Which ones we travel through in our journey on planet earth

- in what sequence we do this

- how many lifetimes that normally take

- How you will get to know your frequency and how to level up

Eternity is a long time, and we have all the time we want, But why sabotage yourself?

The higher your frequency, the easier and more fun your life will be, and the more fulfillment you will experience.

Experience 'Higher Spheres' on earth!

What it is...

vibrational frequencies translated into words

to understand the lessons of life

presentation by...

Hilde Kroon, mediator, sollicitor and spiritual/mental

coach with more than 20 years of experience  in The Netherlands and Belgium.

She gives permanent education to professional conflictresolvers in interventions derived from The Evolution System, such as  '1-2-3 Solved!' en de "Victim-perpetrator-intervention'.

Hilde is specialist in theDNA-codes of the Soul (certificied by William Gijsen en Joke Dewael).

Hilde is author of  "Opgewonden Standjes en Bevredigende

Oplossingen", "Sticky Issues" en "Divorce without force'".


WhAT it is not.... 

Leveling up your vibration is not a contest

  • We do it for ourselves and it might have a positive impact on our environment
  • Everyone is worth the same. We are in different levels, but in time we will all learn the same
  • We are only wise, if we act upon the wisdom, we are all fools if we are unaware
  • "My frequency is high enough ". True, but evolution never stops. Experiences become more and more subtle
  •  Being born again is not a punishment, but a gift and a chance  
  • "We can step out of our incarnation cycle to choose to 'be in the Spirit. That is only the beginning. The Divine Spark within us wants to grow and experience over and over again.

Stop wasting your time

level up your frequency and boost your evolution

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